Tephu, City of the Reed People

The confluence of the Crook and the Asp, where they join to form the great River Sphinx, is the site of the three sister cities Wati, An, and Tephu. Founded in -1605 AR, Tephu sits on the west bank of the confluence, across the water from its sister cities. While An and Wati glower enviously from across the rolling river, Tephu folk look down upon the other two cities, regarding them as lesser, and those two cities bear the butt of Tephu’s jokes. Tephu is not the oldest of the sister cities, nor is it the largest, but having made a fortune in papyrus and become a center of scholarship, Tephu regards itself as the home of culture—not just in the region, but in all Osirion.

Surrounded by tall, swaying papyrus reeds and towering orchards of date palms, this ochre city teems with movement, its famous papyrus merchants busily filling the latest shipments for Sothis and beyond. The papyrus of Tephu, they say, does not keep secrets; the secrets return home like fish returning to spawn. All knowledge eventually returns to the Great Library of Tephu, sitting among millions of words of recorded history and academic +texts carefully shelved into the stacks, for the library to either boast about or hide.


Knowledge (History) 10

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City Stat Block

LN Large City
Attributes: Corruption +0; Crime +2; Economy +4; Law +3; Lore +6; Society +4
Qualities Academic, Holy site, Prosperous, Strategic Location, Wealth of Information
Danger +10


Government Autocracy
Population 19,480 (80% Human, 9% Half-Elves, 4% Elf, 3% Halfling, 2% Dwarf, 2% Other)
Notable NPCs


Base Value 11,200gp
Purchase Limit 32,600 /75,000gp
Spellcasting 9th
Current Stock Minor Items – 0/11 | Medium Items – 0/8 | Major Items 3/3

Tephu, City of the Reed People

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