Velriana Hypaxes

F Taldan Wizard, Leader of the Scorched Hand


Velriana Hypaxes is one of the countless minor aristocrats who choke the upper echelons of Taldan society. Refusing to live in obscurity, she traveled to Absalom to study at the Arcanamirium, where she specialized in Osirionology and grew into a true devotee to the All-Seeing Eye.

Through her noble connections, she heard rumors of the opening of Wati’s necropolis and quickly gathered together an adventuring group to help her explore the soon-to-be-opened tombs. Believing there to be a site of great importance to her faith, she has traveled long and far to be the first to explore it and claim the glory and fame that would undoubtedly come with such an archaeological find.


Velriana was discovered to be a woman of evil intent, willing to do anything to get her way in securing the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye as her own. While she had convinced Khelru that their actions were just, neither Azaz nor Idorii fully put stock into her decision or leadership, and it showed in their actions. Betrayed by half of her party, Velriana was slain ruthlessly by Darius.

Velriana made a temporary comeback during the necromantic plague as a deadly revenant, intent on avenging her untimely death. After dealing some life-threatening blows, she was put down for good by the group efforts of the Fate’s Favored, along with her iconic hat.

Velriana Hypaxes

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