Unwrapped Harmony

Female Dark Stalker Oracle, Leader of the Xotl


Unwrapped Harmony is the leader of a clan of dark folk known as the Xotl, whom emerged from the Darklands into Wati’s necropolis more than a century ago. They currently reside in the subterranean wine cellars of the villas upon the hill. The Church of Pharasma is familiar with their presence and currently tolerates them, as they help keep the more dangerous vermin in the district under control.

Unwrapped Harmony met on friendly terms with the Fate’s Favored during their search for the source of Wati’s necromantic plague. In exchange for information, she requested that the adventurers take down the traitor Gaunt Cadaver. After seeing proof of his death, she provided a scrap of a star chart and some valuable rumors that proved vital in hunting down the necromancer Nebta-Khufre. She also offered future assistance in the form of one of her most trusted agents, Twisted Whisper.

Unwrapped Harmony

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