Tobingo Andman

Halfling Paladin, Dog Soldier


Tobingo Andman is a devout worshiper of Chaldira Zuzaristan, the halfling deity of getting in trouble and having your friends bail you out. He wouldn’t explain it that way, however, as he believes he was blessed by Chaldira to provide the would-be bailing.

He fits quite well with both Marn and Dayntee in this fashion. Marn is an old underground buddy whom he escaped Cheliax with, while Dayntee a refugee he later saved as part of the Bellflower Network. He’s smitten with the feisty female barbarian, and would do anything to ensure her safety in spite of her reckless nature.


After a chilling encounter with the undead, the Fate’s Favored came to the rescue of a pressed Dayntee and Tobingo during the necromantic plague. Forever grateful for their assistance, Dayntee and Tobingo have pledged their life-long friendship and willingness to follow those who assisted them in their time of need. They are available as a paired follower – see Dayntee & Tobingo (Follower).

Tobingo Andman

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