Regretful Keleshite Cleric, Cryptfinder


Sahba is a woman who is dedicated to her faith, devotee to Sarenrae, and thoroughly annoyed with her ragtag group of adventurers. A local to Wati, she only joined up with the Cryptfinders as a result of a need to protect others and the innate desire all Sarenrites share to obliterate undead—an inevitability that seemed likely with the exploration of the Necropolis.

Sahba barely tolerates Falto’s shenanigans, and his wanton disregard for procedure grates her nerves. She instead much prefers the company of the Chelaxian Gerano, who seems as though he’s the only other member of the group with his head on straight (even if he’s a little too up on his high horse). Still, she swore to protect the group, and regardless of the misgivings she has with her comrades, she’s dedicated to keeping them in one piece.



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