Renlar Icebinder

Sullen Male Elf Magus, Sand Scorpion


Renlar is now available as a follower to Aladdin al Salah. Here are his Follower stats:

Renlar the Undying, Magus
Rank 1 – Martial
Stamina: 10
Combat: 1
Social: 0
Speed: 4

Trait: Impeccable Fortitude: Despite his fragile elven heritage and a macabre desire to end it all, Renlar keeps getting back up. Once per book, if Renlar would reach stamina 0 or below, reset Renlar’s stamina to 1 + his Rank.

Alternate Talents

  • R1 – Arcane Pool: A magus’ reserves should never be underestimated. Renlar can spend 1 stamina to boost his Combat by 1. This must be done prior to the mission attempt (though after the encounter type has been determined), and the bonus lasts for only one mission.
  • R2 – Memorable: When Renlar leaves devastation behind him, word gets spread. When Renlar succeeds by 4 or more on a Combat check, reduce the DC of his next Social check by 1. This bonus lingers until it is consumed.
  • R3 – Dervish Dance: Renlar is most agile when leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. When Renlar succeeds by 2 or more on a Combat check, reduce his Speed by 1 for his next mission.
  • R4 – Intimidating Glare: Renlar may substitute his Combat score in place of his Social score. However, he takes a -4 penalty. The check is otherwise still resolved as a Social check.
  • R5 – Bladed Dash: Renlar can expend his reserves to end combat quickly. He may spend 2 Stamina to add 1d4 to a Combat check and reduce his Speed for that check by 1.

A boastful and rather angry individual, Renlar Icebinder enjoys flaunting his power before any that will witness it—and often those who won’t. Filled with pride and seeking only to continue acquiring arcane power, he cares little for those kept in his company and is simply along for the ride, hoping to find some form of ancient magic or item he can make useful.

Renlar is eager to return to plumbing the depths of the necropolis, completely unafraid of the dangers within as he believes he can forever laugh in the face of death. Despite being a risk-taker and making less-than-tactical decisions in combat, he always seems to come out clean… or at least alive.


Renlar went missing shortly after the necromantic plague began in Wati. Lathica, worried for his safety, pleaded with the Fate’s Favored to hunt down Renlar and return him to her.

The Fate’s Favored discovered Renlar had left the Sand Scorpions willingly to join the Xotl clan, whom saw use in his immunity to ghoul paralysis and complete unwillingness to die. He introduced them personally to Unwrapped Harmony, but explained that he was quite happy with his arrangement in Wati. In exchange for telling his stalker-ish paramour that he has finally passed away, he’s offered his services to Aladdin al Salah, should he require assistance in the future.

Renlar Icebinder

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