F Half-Elf Fighter/Rogue, Scorched Hand


Idorii is the hired brute of the Scorched Hand, paid by Velriana to accompany her and keep her safe through the exploration of the necropolis. She cares little for the rest of the group’s devotion to Nethys and is simply there to be paid.

A half-elf displaced from her family, she fits as both an outsider and yet an oddly appropriate fit to the lands of Osirion, her dark skin betraying her human side as clearly local. Drawn by the potential untold riches of the necropolis, she acknowledges her place as a means to an end, treating the rest of the group as little more than the same for herself.

After the showdown with the Scorched Hand in the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye, Idorii was worried about losing her reputation as a bodyguard for hire. Thankfully, as the party chose not to expose her dealings with Velriana, she is instead attempting to start anew. She has little left to her name, and can be found doing odd jobs in the Bargetown district, scraping together coin to re-equip herself as and adventurer.


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