Dayntee & Tobingo (Follower)

Hafling Duo


Dayntee & Tobingo are now available as a single follower to any member of Fate’s Favored. Here are their Follower stats:

Dayntee & Tobingo, Halfling Duo
Rank 1 – Hybrid
Stamina: 10
Combat: 1
Social: 1
Speed: 4

Trait: Two for One: Dayntee and Tobingo are inseparable companions, watching out for one another and making each other’s lives safer and easier. Their Stamina is increased by 2 at Rank 1* and an additional 1 for each rank thereafter.

*This is factored into their base Stamina already.

Alternate Talents

  • R1 – Got Your Back: Each halfing’s specialty helps the other in the most dire straits. If you would fail a check by one, increase your result by one and make it a success instead.
  • R2 – Really Big Sword: Dayntee is a master of using weapons larger than most her size would wield. If equipped with a Medium weapon, the pair receives an additional +1 bonus to Combat.
  • R3 – Armored Speedsters: Dayntee and Tobingo are surprisingly fast for their size, and take advantage of lightweight gear. If equipped with any item with “Mithril” in the name, decrease their Speed by 1.
  • R4 – Is it Chaldira?: Tobingo’s propensity for being adorable can help him in any social situation. Tobingo can ignore all penalties associated with Social skills as a result of previous failures.
  • R5 – Strength in Numbers: Dayntee and Tobingo become an unstoppable pair. They may spend additional Stamina, up to their rank, to add bonuses to a follower check. The amount to spend/bonus must be decided before the check is made.

These tiny terrors are devotees of Chaldira Zuzaristan, the halfling deity of getting in trouble and having your friends bail you out. They live up to their beliefs, especially so in being trustworthy and fast friends, and their reckless natures are a wonder to behold in combat.

This wily pair is available to serve as a single follower for any member of Fate’s Favored.

Dayntee & Tobingo (Follower)

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