Dayntee Bumpus

Halfling Barbarian, Dog Soldier


Dayntee possesses an unusual stockiness for a halfling, her muscles as wide as her ever-present grin. With dirty, almost dread-locked hair and a weapon twice her size, she enjoys showing the tall folk that her kin are not to be underestimated.

Dayntee is the ever-present companion of Tobingo Andman, a charming (if a little slow) halfing paladin of Chaldira. She’s grown to appreciate the deity through Tobingo’s devotion, and considers herself a worshiper as well. Though brave in the face of most danger, Dayntee does not handle the presence of undead very well and the adventure Marn has recruited her for makes her extremely nervous.


After a chilling encounter with the undead, the Fate’s Favored came to the rescue of a pressed Dayntee and Tobingo during the necromantic plague. Forever grateful for their assistance, Dayntee and Tobingo have pledged their life-long friendship and willingness to follow those who assisted them in their time of need. They are available as a paired follower – see Dayntee & Tobingo (Follower).

Dayntee Bumpus

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