Azaz Arafe

Impetuous Male Osirion Wizard, Scorched Hand


Azaz is now available as a follower to any member of Fate’s Favored. Here are his Follower stats:

Azaz Arafe, Evocation Wizard
Rank 1 – Martial
Stamina: 10
Combat: 1
Social: 0
Speed: 4

Trait: Scribe: Each time Azaz succeeds at a mission, there is a 5% chance he returns with a bonus random scroll. At each additional rank beyond 1, increase this chance by +5%. To determine the scroll, roll on the Minor (R1-R2), Medium (R3-R4), or Major (R5) table, followed by the Arcane scroll table.

Alternate Talents

  • R1 – Right Scroll, Right Job: When Azaz ranks up, he can choose to temporarily increase either his Combat or Social by one. This bonus lasts until he ranks up again, and he can change this choice at each rank.
  • R2 – Spell Focus (Evocation): Azaz’s combat spells are quite potent. He gains an additional +1 Combat
  • R3 – Dimension Door: Once per book, Azaz can avoid the penalties he would take from a failed Combat check.
  • R4 – Friends in High Places: Azaz’s noble connections grant him an additional +1 Social
  • R5 – Teleport: All good wizards know the importance of a good teleportation spell. Once per session, reduce Azaz’s speed to 1.

Azaz is the youngest of three from a lesser noble family that resides in Sothis, the capital of Osirion. Highly intelligent, but ultimately a dreamer, he excelled at his studies at the Arcanamirium in Absalom, where he met (and consequently fell in love with) the cleric Khelru.

Azaz also proudly displays a holy symbol of the All-Seeing Eye, a convert as a result through his relationship with Khelru. He has joined with the Scorched Hand to stay close by his lover’s side, even though he is both the youngest of the group and not as experienced a caster as Velriana.

Azaz has greatly upset his lover, Khelru, with his cowardly (if intelligent) actions in the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye. He regrets his actions and wishes only to retire home, or at least go adventuring with more trustworthy compatriots.

Exposed as a minor noble by Valais, if Azaz can be found in the city of Sothis, he may be able to use his noble connections to assist the party in the future. He is now available as a follower to any of the members of Fate’s Favored.

Azaz Arafe

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