Mummy's Mask

Book 2, Part 1 & 2

In Which Undead Descend Upon Wati

After fighting off an assault on The Canny Jackal by groups of undead, the group finds themselves needing to rescue the city of Wati from descending into panic from the undead assault.

  • Discovered the Silver Chain gang was somehow involved.
  • Rescued Dayntee and Tobingo from a shadow (and to and extent, themselves)
  • Re-secured the Tooth & Hookah as a base of operations
  • Saved the tea shop!
  • Infiltrated the Silver Chain’s hideout and discovered the existence of Cult of the Lost Pharaoh
  • Defeated summoned psychopomps from the Church of Pharasma and were asked to investigate the Necropolis for the source of the undead uprising
  • Met with Renlar and the Xotl clan

That should be most of the highlights. Feel free to add your own details!



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