Mummy's Mask

Into the Sphinx

The great A’hadeen feels good today. The sun is shining, there is a giant sphinx to plunder… no that is not right… rescue? It’s not going anywhere… excavate? Why are we here again? Either way, it looks like a great many souls have come to Al’hadeen to meet the almighty Sarenrae and that suits Al’hadeen just fine.

The quiet one with the “funny stories” has chosen to stay behind. She claims to be ill, but Al’hadeen already removed her of sickness. Perhaps she fancied one of ladies of the caravan, or she has grown tired of watching Al’hadeen save the day. Either way, she has chosen to rest and regain her faculties before returning to our party.

The one with the tight shorts.. Valla? Lara? Vara! That is her name, she decided that we should scout out the surrounding area. Darius agrees, but I suspect he like to take the time to watch her walk away and then come back again. Anyway, Vara comes back to us and tells us that there is a camp with a strange smelling man tied up in ropes, so we decided to go and investigate.

A man called out, “eh…whatthefuck”. I swear that is what he said. It was like all of the things out of his mouth were one long word. As if mirroring my dissatisfaction, one of the girtablilu slapped the man in the face.

As we approached, the man addressed us, “Hey, these guys are dick heads.” This confused Al’hadeen, as it appeared that they had the heads of humans and the bodies of scroprions.

Al’hadeen asked the girtablilu if they were in fact dick heads but the girtablilu appeared offended.

“Do we look like dick heads?” they responeded.

Al’hadeen could not answer, as Al’hadeen has only observed very few members in his time on this earth. “I don’t know, you would have to be a very ugly dick.”

Darius decided that since introductions were over that he would ask if the amulet we had found belonged to them. Darius yelled, “hey! Is this yours?” I swear, if I did not do all the talking he would have to kill so many more people.

They seemed offended that we were swinging around an amulet belonging to one of their fallen, so Al’hadeen had to step in. Al’hadeen told them how great he was and how he had performed burial rights on their fallen comrade. Al’hadeen spoke of his respect for the girtablilu and that he did not wish them harm. Of course the girtablilu believed Al’hadeen, as Al’hadeen always tells the truth.

“We did not know him,” they said “but I do know his aunt. She resides inside.” Then the girtablilu kept talking but Al’hadeen is pretty great and he cut them off. Al’hadeen convinced them not to attack and to pass peacefully because Al’hadeen is pretty great.

The one that was tied up in the ropes stood up, appearently he was pretty good at escaping and decided to accompany us. Al’hadeen convinced them to let him go as Al’hadeen would take responsibility for this one. The crazy one declared himself as Frankie, and told us that his companion had been taken to the sphinx. He said he would accompany us until we found he companion. Al’hadeen did not mind having a follower that would tell the world about how great Al’hadeen is, so he allowed him to join as another one of his followers.

Before entering the sphinx, Al’hadeen saw that Frankie had a nasty bruise on his face (non-lethal damage from getting bitch slapped). Al’hadeen bestowed the Blessing of Sarenrae on Frankie by linking his lifeforce to Al’hadeen, but he was not. Al’hadeen asked if Frankie had a “shitty face” as Al’hadeen can always heal anyone who is injured.

We rested for the night before entering the sphinx. Frankie found a secret entrance that, unlike the front entrance, was not trapped. We entered the sphinx to find a series of snake bones that littered the ground. Al’hadeen was not scared, but he stayed close to Tetisurah so she would not be scared.

We found a mad (man) who was literally crazy. Al’hadeen could not cure him, but Al’hadeen discovered that he would not attack us if we answered his crazy riddles.

The sky breaths against mountains tall
and makes their stony hearts to fall
flame heats the mountains broken domes
and makes a window of their bones.
What lies within the mountains grave?"

Al’hadeen knew the answer of course, but he wanted Tetisurah to feel good about being so smart. Al’hadeen said that it was lava which was a really smart thing to saw for someone who of course knew the real answer but did not want to give it away. The crazy (man) nearly attacked us but Tetisurah said that it was sand.

The the crazy man spoke again,

They have no weight no shape, no size
yet all well know when they arize.
Their wordless, tuneless, toungeless too
they sing a song of pain full true

Al’hadeen did not want his followers to feel unsmart, so he let them try to answer that one. Tetisurah felt bad for them, of course Al’hadeen did too, and Tetisurah said the answer was screams.

The crazy man spoke a third time,

Four awls have I for punching through
four knives for I for cutting true
ten friends above and ten below
to grind up pieces of my foe

Al’hadeen could see that Tetisurah was having fun, so he let her answer the last one. She said the answer was a lion, which Al’hadeen knew was correct.

The maftet came to his senses for long enough for Al’hadeen to take him back to his people. Al’hadeen is very observant, so he was able to use his great power to teleport him back.

Once Al’hadeen came back, we continued into the Sphinx. We found runes of Areshkagal, the demon lord of riddles, and encountered other maftets who had converted. Darius said something about their dyed wings meaning they were full-crazy, so Al’hadeen had to put them down.

Al’hadeen saw a foul smoke coming from som sarccouphagi, so he investigated and found several bodacks. Al’hadeen was starting to grow bored, so he gifted the one with the tight shorts the power to smite them.

After further investigation, stranged runes appeared to manifest in the blood on the floor. They were asking for help. Al’hadeen always helps those in need, so he followed the messages very fast.

When Al’hadeen uncovered the source of the messages, he was surprised. He found a fellow worshiper of Sarenrae, but she was a ghost. Before anything was spoken, he knew she must have had a very important mission, as a ghostly worshiper of Sarenrae is very rare indeed.

She introduced herself as Lady Sophronia, and told us that she was bound to this world because Sarenrae needed her to eliminate a cult inside the Sightless Sphinx. Al’hadeen volunteered his minions to complete this task in her place, as he knew Sarenrae was guiding his path.

Knowing that Al’hadeen now had two missions within the sphinx, Al’hadeen felt that Sarenrae would prioritize the living over the dead. He chose to assist Tetisurah first, and find the one who had take her charge. After he mission was completed, Al’hadeen would hunt down the cult.

Several other ghosts her that the great Al’hadeen was visiting, so they tried to take some of his power. They touched Al’hadeen and drained him, but Al’hadeen smote the ghosts and returned his own power to himself.

Al’hadeen let Darius play with a scrying mirror that he found in the room with the ghosts and Darius saw some people talking about some things, but Al’hadeen grew impatient and continued on his quest.

Al’hadeen found a magic mud room, but his elemental heritage sensed the presence of mud elementals. But Al’hadeen is as wise as he is powerful, so he summoned his own elemental to find them. After a short battle Al’hadeen took his followers and pressed on.

Al’hadeen then found a bath room filled with magic steam. There were two guards ready to become hostile with us, but the funny smelling one offered them some narcotics and we left in peace.

Eventually we found a strange crocodile man with stone arms. Al’hadeen pitied the man as he was very ugly. When the man was defeated, he took his followers forward to meet Rubila, the aunt of the girtablilu whose amulet we had found. Al’hadeen convinced her that he was a great man and she agreed. Al’hadeen told her not to attack, and she did not. Al’hadeen asked her if she had seen the woman that the smelly one was looking for, and she said that she was upstairs. Al’hadeen asked her to keep an eye on the cultists so that Al’hadeen could find the smelly one’s companion and Rubila said that she would. All in all, Al’hadeen made some great deals, some of Al’hadeen’s best.

Al’hadeen took his followers upstairs where they confronted a giant scorpion. After dispatching it quickly, Al’hadeen took them into a room with a painting of a winged pyramid. A strange voice that was both male and female demanded that Al’hadeen hand over his favorite mask. Al’hadeen’s mask is pretty great, probably the best mask in the world, so Al’hadeen could understand why the voice was so jealous. The smelly saw his companion and got very angry at the other one in the mask and attacked. He threw many magic bombs that were very flashy, but the did not seem to do a lot of damage. Al’hadeen was greatful to have the one with the tiny shorts… what was her name again? Anyways, the crazy lady with the two voices was quickly dispatched and a mystical energy that Al’hadeen kind of wanted to chase floated out of the sphinx.

After reuniting the smelly one and his friend with the glasses, Al’hadeen thought that this would be a good time for a nap. The crazy cultists can wait for Al’hadeen just like everyone else.

Mummy's Mask Book III, Shifting Sands Part 1

Here’s a few highlights from our last session:

  • The Fate’s Favored arrived in Tephu after a short boat trip across the Asp and Crook River intersection
  • Each party member made contacts with their respective followers before beginning their search for information on the Mask of the Lost Pharaoh
  • The Fate’s Favored learned that much of the knowledge they were seeking in Tephu’s libraries was conspicuously missing. The city’s haty-a, Deka An-Keret, was not willing to meet with them to discuss the matter.
  • A priestess of Nethys, Deaconess Sekek, tipped off the party that a powerful noblewoman from Sothis was in town. If they wanted to seek approval, they should start with her.
  • The group met with Her Excellency Muminofrah of Sothis, whom immediately took a lustful liking to the handsome, charismatic party. Capitalizing on this, Aladdin positioned himself as her favorite, much to the disagreement of no other member of the party.
  • Keeping Muminofrah entertained during her stay in Tephu, the Fates Favored were able to secure several days in various limited access libraries, uncovering great amounts of information on the Mask, including the secrets of its power.
    • With this information, Aladdin has decided to don the Mask and make use of its abilities… the repercussions of which are not yet known.
  • The party also learned of a secret order of Nethysians called the Sacrosanct Order of the Blue Feather. These cult-like worshipers of Nethys may have been responsible for disturbing the Lost Pharaoh’s tomb to begin with, separating the parts of his spirit (his ka, ib, and ba) and spreading them across Osirion.
  • During their research, the Fate’s Favored were ambushed by mysterious assassins. It is unknown what faction these assassins may have been working for, as they held no documentation and their tongues were cut from their mouths.
  • Ultimately, the party has learned that the ancient architect, Chisesek, was responsible for building the flying pyramid of the Forgotten Pharoah (or the Sky Pharaoh, as learned from their research). The tomb of this architect lay somewhere in the deserts of Osirion, specifically an area known as the Parched Dunes. They now prepare to comb the deserts and uncover his tomb.
Book 2, Part 1 & 2
In Which Undead Descend Upon Wati

After fighting off an assault on The Canny Jackal by groups of undead, the group finds themselves needing to rescue the city of Wati from descending into panic from the undead assault.

  • Discovered the Silver Chain gang was somehow involved.
  • Rescued Dayntee and Tobingo from a shadow (and to and extent, themselves)
  • Re-secured the Tooth & Hookah as a base of operations
  • Saved the tea shop!
  • Infiltrated the Silver Chain’s hideout and discovered the existence of Cult of the Lost Pharaoh
  • Defeated summoned psychopomps from the Church of Pharasma and were asked to investigate the Necropolis for the source of the undead uprising
  • Met with Renlar and the Xotl clan

That should be most of the highlights. Feel free to add your own details!

Ransacking tombs... in the most respectful way possible

Fate’s Favored explored the Tomb Akhentepi as well as the House of Pentheru

Items of note:
   – Adamantine Heavy Flail
   – Scarab Shield
   – Cursed Dead Man’s Headband

Major purchases (-4050g):
   – Wand of Cure Light Wounds (x50 charges)
   – 3x Mithral chain shirt


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