Tooth and Hookah

This modest inn and hookah bar is best known for its mascot, Toothy—a tiny crocodile that lives in the inn’s well. Run by the grizzled yet warm Farhaad, the Tooth and Hookah is the favored location for adventurers to relax and stretch their tired limbs after a tough day of dungeon crawling or desert travel.

Many merchants ply their trade within the Tooth and Hookah, setting up impromptu stalls or displays on many of the tables along the walls in order to shill their wares. Sometimes, the atmosphere is as much a flea market as it is tavern or bar.


  • Single Room – 5sp/night
  • Suite (includes access to private open-air courtyard) – 3gp/night
  • Merchant Table – 1gp/day
  • Hookah Rental – free, based on availability and with tobacco purchase
  • Tobacco (variety of flavors) – 3sp or 1gp for a serving suited for four persons to share

Drink Menu – individual servings

  • Mead – 5cp
  • Absinthe – 3gp
  • Wine – 2sp
  • Baiju – 10gp
  • Tepache – 1sp

Food Menu – individual servings

  • Coffee – 1cp
  • Tea – 2cp
  • Bread – 2cp
  • Cheese – 1sp
  • Stuffed Olives – 3cp
  • Meat – 1sp
  • Full meal (bread, slice of meat, soup of the day) – 3sp
  • To-Go meal (Rations) – 5sp

Tooth and Hookah

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