Mummy's Mask Hero Points

Below is a mostly reprinted version of the Hero Point system we’ll be using in Mummy’s Mask. There are a few exceptions:

  • Similar to PFS, none of the Hero Point affecting feats, skills, or traits are available for use.
    *There are a few new Hero Point abilities that have been added. The full table is listed below.
    *Players can be awarded ½ hero points. Only full hero points can be spent.
    *There is a Temp Hero Point overflow pool of 1. This means that if you have earned more than the cap, you can hang on to one extra Hero Point for the duration of a session. If the session ends and this temporary point has not been spent, it is lost.

Other rules to remember:

*Characters can have no more than 3 hero points at any one time. Excess hero points are lost (aside from the overflow rule listed above).
*Hero points are earned at the discretion of the GM for a variety of reasons. These include good roleplay, heroic acts, group services, or reaching a major character milestone. They’re also a replacement for discretionary XP, as we are using a locked XP track. In general – the more you channel your character, the more heroic you are likely to become!

As always, if you have any questions, ask your GM!


Mummy's Mask Hero Points

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