House of Pentheru

The second site assigned to the Fate’s Favored, the House of Pentheru is believed to have once belonged to minor noble of the city prior to the Plague of Madness. Here, the Fate’s Favored discovered less items of historical note, but more items of general usefulness amidst the series of horrors that occupied the building.

Notable Encounters

  • Series of non-threatening haunts
  • Giant Whiptail Centipede
  • Death Dog
  • Scarab Swarm
  • Sandman
  • Several Beheaded
  • Vargouille
  • An unusually powerful Doru Div
  • Adherer
  • Ubashki Swarm (desiccated cat butt)

Notable Finds

  • Adamantine Heavy Flail
  • +1 Scale Mail
  • +1 Light Crossbow
  • Kohl of uncanny discernment
  • gold wedding band with an inscription: To Akar from Panhet, Love Eternal
  • dead man’s headband (cursed)
  • mummified guardian

House of Pentheru

Mummy's Mask Dayntee