Walter Rencot

Dedicated Butler


Walter Rencot is now available as a follower to Vara Croft. Here are his Follower stats:

Walter Rencot, Dedicated Butler
Rank 1 – Merchant
Stamina: 6
Combat: 0
Social: 1
Speed: 4

Trait: When Walter is sent on missions to vendor, he receives a 6% gold value bonus on all items that are considered relics. Each time he gains a rank, this bonus increases by 1%, to a maximum of 10% at Rank 5.

Alternate Talents

  • R1 – You Rang?: Walter is always available at Vara’s beck and call. He may abandon a mission in progress and immediately start a new one, subtracting the time spent so far to apply to a new mission. However, he must still pay the additional stamina cost.
  • R2 – Gentleman Fighter: Skill, poise, and panache befit a gentleman. Once per book, Walter can add +1d6 to a Combat check. On a result of 6, the die explodes and is rolled again, up to a maximum number of times equal to his rank.
  • R3 – Soiree: Why go to them when they can come to you? Walter can spend 2 additional stamina to throw a soiree. Divide the speed for this mission in half, rounding up.
  • R4 – Well-Connected: Walter benefits from Vara’s noble connections, granting him an additional +1 Social
  • R5 – Antiquities Dealer: Walter can leverage not only his own contacts, but the new ones Vara has made on her adventures. He gains an additional +5% to his Antiquities Expert trait (total 15%)

Walter Rencot is the lifetime dedicated butler to the Croft family. As the Croft family’s social reach is quite significant, he has heard that the young Vara requires assistance and traveled to the city of Tephu in advance of the Fate’s Favored. There, he intends to meet up with them, secure lodgings, and offer his services to his young ward, should she ever be in need.

Walter has worked with the family of adventurers, historians, and antiquities dealers since he was a young lad, and has picked up a trick or two through his many years of service. Knowing equal ways around a sword cane and the value of historical artifacts has served him well in his duties, and he hopes he can continue both honing his skills and being of utmost use to his family.

Walter Rencot

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