Twisted Whisper

Mistress of Shadows, Dark Folk Bard


Twisted Whisper is now available as a follower to any member of Fate’s Favored. Here are his Follower stats:

ATwisted Whisper, Darkstalker Bard
Rank 1 – Hybrid
Stamina: 10
Combat: 1
Social: 0
Speed: 4

Trait: Underworld Reliance: Twisted Whisper’s light sensitivity makes travel difficult, which increases her speed by 2*. However, she gains connections in the underworld over time. Each time she gains a rank, reduce her Speed by 1, to a minimum of 1.

*This is factored into her base Speed already.

Alternate Talents

  • R1 – Extortion: Twisted Whisper’s way of life can be quite lucrative… in the terrifying kind of way. When Whisper exceeds the DC of a Vendor mission, she earns an extra 1% gold for every point her result was over the DC.
  • R2 – Dirty Tactics: Twisted Whisper is not above resorting to the foulest of play. She may expend 1 stamina to reduce the DC of a Combat check by 1.
  • R3 – Shadow Step: Whisper knows that when the going gets tough, she gets the hell out of dodge. Once per book, Whisper can avoid the penalties she would take from a failed Combat check.
  • R4 – Charm Person: When a deal goes awry, Whisper is not afraid to use magic to get her way. If she would fail a Social check, immediately roll a new Social check using her Combat score in place of her Social score, but at a -4 penalty. The check is otherwise still resolved as a Social check.
  • R5 – Poker Face: Whisper knows how to read both hostile and diplomatic situations without showing fear. If she would fail a check by 2 or less, she may reroll that check with a bonus equal to her current rank. This ability may only trigger once per encounter.

Twisted Whisper is one of the many agents who count themselves among the Xotl clan, a group of dark folk who live quite peacefully on the surface inside the necropolis of Wati. Trained in many of the more subtle (and perhaps less than ethical) methods of trade, acquisition, and combat, she’s an incredible ally and an even deadlier enemy.

Twisted Whisper’s services have been offered to the Fate’s Favored in exchange for a task they completed on Unwrapped Harmony’s behalf. She sees the accord as just another business deal, and will fulfill her duties faithfully in order to preserve her (and her clan’s) reputation.

Twisted Whisper

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