Terhk Fourwinds

Expeditions Master


Terhk Fourwinds is now available as a follower to Darius Lonewolf. Here are his Follower stats:

Terhk Fourwinds, Expeditions Master
Rank 1 – Merchant
Stamina: 6
Combat: 0
Social: 1
Speed: 4

Trait: Mover of Goods: Certain items are best sold through Terhk, because he has the proper adventuring clientele! When Terhk is sent on a vendor mission, he receives a 6% gold value bonus on all items that are considered adventuring gear or alchemical items. He gains half of this bonus (rounded down) on Arms and Armor. Each time he gains a rank, this bonus increases by 1%, to a maximum of 10% at Rank 5.

Alternate Talents

  • R1 – Guild Master: Terhk doesn’t always do the dirty work for himself, as he has an extensive network of his own adventurers at his disposal. He can spend 2 stamina to temporarily increase either his Combat or Social skill by 1 for the duration of a book.
  • R2 – A Bit Rusty: Terhk recalls his days as an adventurer, brushing off his trusty scimitar. He gains an additional +1 Combat.
  • R3 – Business as Usual: Business transactions are a daily exercise for Terhk. Treat Terhk’s Speed as one less than his normal value for Social encounters.
  • R4 – Slip of the Tongue: Terhk’s rough demeanor is endearing, and he (usually) knows how to recover when misspeaking. If he would fail a social check by a number equal to or less than his rank, he may reroll that check. He must take the new result, even if it is worse.
  • R5 – Once More, with Gusto: Terhk hates having to try again, and puts in the extra effort to ensure things get done right. When Terhk rerolls a die for any reason, he adds his rank to the new result.

Part caravan company, part hunter’s lodge, and part adventurer’s guild, Terhk’s Fine Expeditions tries to be all things at once for anyone traveling the deserts of southern Osirion.

Terhk himself is the towering, scar-riddled proprietor, a broad sandkin half-orc who has clearly seen much battle, and he is always eager to bring on new guards or wildnerness guides. Rumors get the better of him, and some say he eats those who fail him once too often. Long-time residents know that Terhk’s fierce exterior is nothing more than an act, however, cultivated to sell his company’s services and intimidate challengers before they become violent. Around those he trusts, Terhk happily slips on his glasses and whiles away evenings with a book or senet board.

Terhk has exchanged both goods and services with Darius Lonewolf in the past, and the two are long-time friends and adventuring buddies. The guild leader his more than happy to claim he taught Darius everything he knows, much to the warrior’s chagrin. Still, Terhk is no slouch in combat, despite his many years of business wearing him down in a softer direction.

Terhk Fourwinds

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