Devout Male Osirian Cleric of Nethys, Scorched Hand


Khelru’s thirst for knowledge and unshakable faith make him a natural second-in-command for the group known as the Scorched Hand. A hard working cleric who raised in the ranks of his faith through pure devotion and determination, Khelru takes pride in the struggles he underwent to reach his current station in life.

Two years ago, he traveled to the city of Absalom on a pilgrimage, away from his native home in Ipeq, where he had a chance meeting with the young wizard Azaz. The two immediately shared a mutual attraction, and when Velriana invited Khelru to found the Scorched Hand, he further extended the invitation to his friend and lover.

Khelru knows when he’s been beat, and watching Velriana die before his eyes was enough to let him abandon the foolish (and highly illegal) quest his party leader began. He’s upset with Azaz’s apparent betrayal, and withdraws within himself, taking the opportunity to disassociated himself from his compatriots and volunteers to work with the local temple to Nethys, the Sanctum of Silver and Gold.


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