Her Excellency Muminofrah of Sothis

Fan-Bearer on the Right Side of the King


Her Excellency Muminofrah of Sothis, Fan-Bearer on the RIght Side of the King, is a powerful courtier from Osirion’s capital city. Her rank is mostly ceremonial, but it carries significant prestige and influence, implying a close relationship with the Ruby Prince Khemet the III himself. She often acts as the pharaoh’s personal representative when on official business.

Muminofrah is a woman of enormous appetites and passions. She has been married no fewer than eight times and, though she has always claimed to marry for love, it is clear many of her marriages were shrewd political and social stepping stones. She is careful to remain on good terms with all her ex-husbands (and one ex-wife), of those who remain with the living.

There are plenty of salacious gossips about Muminofrah and the Ruby Prince, though she is quick to demurely proclaim that she and the pharaoh are simply good friends.

Muminofrah embraces a hedonism and joy in living that contrasts with more traditional Osirion aristocrats. She enjoys exotic foods and glamorous lovers, and favors brightly colored, revealing silks and gowns. She surrounds herself with attractive slaves, servants, and sycophants, but she is always watching carefully all that transpires around her… provided she isn’t distracted by the latest object of her impulsive affections.

Her Excellency Muminofrah of Sothis

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