Male human Fighter/Expert, Owner of Tooth & Hookah


Owner of the Tooth & Hookah. Farhaan is a fair and jovial man, and the many scars he carries tell the tales of his past as a former adventurer. A Garundi man in his early forties, his large build can be intimidating, but his smile is disarming and genuine. While he does not tolerate unruliness in his establishment, he does understand that fellow adventurers have the propensity to get rough. As a result, he can sometimes be lenient to repeat offenders… so long as they cover the costs of their carnage and spend a fair share on drink or tobacco.

His strong features were more intimidating than handsome, but I liked the way his close-trimmed hair curled over his brow.

-Excerpt from Pathfinder Journal: Shadow of the Sands 1/6


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