Deka An-Keret

Haty-a of Tephu, High Priestess of the Sanctuary of Nethys


Deka An-Keret is both the haty-a, or governor, of the city of Tephu as well as the high priestess of the city’s largest temple, the Sanctuary of Nethys. She has served in both positions for nearly 20 years, and if not loved by the city’s populace, she is respected for her wisdom, sense of justice, and adherence to the law.

Never physically imposing, Deka has always focused more on improving her mind than on improving her body. Now middle-aged, she might even be considered frail, but her dark eyes hold a depth of wisdom, dignity, and spiritual energy, and she still retains a youthful, if severe, beauty. Her garments favor a traditional Osirian style—a white linen sheath dress beneath a sheer, flowing wrap dress, and a wig of long, straight black hair covering her shaved head. When holding audiences, Deka wears a heavy gold headdress, as befits her station as both haty-a and high priestess, but she goes nearly everywhere barefoot. At her breast hangs a gold holy symbol of Nethys on a necklace whose beads are worn with years of contemplation, meditation, and prayer.

Deka An-Keret

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