Mummy's Mask

Mummy's Mask Book III, Shifting Sands Part 1

Here’s a few highlights from our last session:

  • The Fate’s Favored arrived in Tephu after a short boat trip across the Asp and Crook River intersection
  • Each party member made contacts with their respective followers before beginning their search for information on the Mask of the Lost Pharaoh
  • The Fate’s Favored learned that much of the knowledge they were seeking in Tephu’s libraries was conspicuously missing. The city’s haty-a, Deka An-Keret, was not willing to meet with them to discuss the matter.
  • A priestess of Nethys, Deaconess Sekek, tipped off the party that a powerful noblewoman from Sothis was in town. If they wanted to seek approval, they should start with her.
  • The group met with Her Excellency Muminofrah of Sothis, whom immediately took a lustful liking to the handsome, charismatic party. Capitalizing on this, Aladdin positioned himself as her favorite, much to the disagreement of no other member of the party.
  • Keeping Muminofrah entertained during her stay in Tephu, the Fates Favored were able to secure several days in various limited access libraries, uncovering great amounts of information on the Mask, including the secrets of its power.
    • With this information, Aladdin has decided to don the Mask and make use of its abilities… the repercussions of which are not yet known.
  • The party also learned of a secret order of Nethysians called the Sacrosanct Order of the Blue Feather. These cult-like worshipers of Nethys may have been responsible for disturbing the Lost Pharaoh’s tomb to begin with, separating the parts of his spirit (his ka, ib, and ba) and spreading them across Osirion.
  • During their research, the Fate’s Favored were ambushed by mysterious assassins. It is unknown what faction these assassins may have been working for, as they held no documentation and their tongues were cut from their mouths.
  • Ultimately, the party has learned that the ancient architect, Chisesek, was responsible for building the flying pyramid of the Forgotten Pharoah (or the Sky Pharaoh, as learned from their research). The tomb of this architect lay somewhere in the deserts of Osirion, specifically an area known as the Parched Dunes. They now prepare to comb the deserts and uncover his tomb.



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